Marketing Monday

In this week’s marketing spiel, we’ll discuss Twitter, tweets, retweets, and all the twitterings in-between.

When utilized properly, Twitter is a promotional goldmine. Those 140 characters have the power to stretch the entire globe with the right amount of interest.

How do you garner that interest? By being interesting, and following other interesting people.

Twitter is a great way to connect with other indie authors, as well as editors, agents, publishers, and various experts. When you can generate personal notice, it opens up opportunities to guest blog, be interviewed by podcasters, have your book reviewed by respected professionals, and ultimately sell more books.

Start with your profile. Use a great headshot as your profile pic, load a customized banner for your page, and fill out the profile questions completely. Add in links to your other websites. Don’t use robots to follow fellow twit-heads. It becomes annoying quickly and may alienate you from potential followers. Look for others in your niche, or those who share your interests, and click that Follow button. Many will follow back and expand your potential audience.

As with Facebook, do not simply spam your own promotional material. Follow a wide range of people and retweet when they post something that interests you. Join conversations, add something to the discourse, hashtag important topics. Readers want to know you the writer, not just your litany of publications. Always promote other authors’ works whenever possible. You want to be a supportive member of the community. If you never give back, you will be ignored.

The hallmark of the Twitterverse are Hashtags. Use them, but don’t get superfluous. Only three or four hashtags will suffice. There’s nothing that screams amateur more than a quick quip followed by umpteen tags.

Once your follower/following numbers grow, separate your faves into Lists. This will keep you updated on their tweets without having to scroll for hours on end. Pictures, videos, and links to great articles are popular forms of tweets. Don’t feel pressured to always have something useful or profound on your feed. People like mundane glimpses of normal life, too. Post the silly thing your cat did, or tweet about your cute offspring. Having a personality goes a long way towards having a loyal readership.

Browse these great accounts to start your following.

For more tips and know-how on navigating Twitter, check the links below:


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